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With the entry window closing, awards judge Gail Walker from Red Cool Consulting offers up six key benefits of winning at the PAPA Industry Awards.

1. Prestige, trust and credibility

Recognition from a respected body or publication adds prestige, giving the product or service greater credibility with purchasers. It becomes more trustworthy. When consumers are bombarded with countless options, they naturally seek validation and reassurance before making a decision. Awards act as powerful symbols, signalling that a company has been recognised and endorsed by industry experts or peers. By aligning your business with reputable awards, you enhance your brand’s credibility and make it easier for consumers to trust in your offerings.

2. Increased brand visibility

Awards offer a tangible and credible way to communicate success and excellence, attracting new customers, as well as increasing brand presence. When a company wins an award, it gains positive publicity, media coverage and industry recognition. This increased visibility helps to reinforce your brand’s image, positioning it as a leader in its field. Consumers perceive award-winning companies as more reliable, dependable and reputable.

3. Point of difference in a crowded market

Consumers often have a multitude of options to choose from, so it’s vital to make a product or service stand out from the rest. In today’s saturated marketplace, businesses are constantly striving to differentiate themselves – so awards provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your company’s unique strengths, innovation and expertise. It creates a positive impression that sets you apart, so consumers are more likely to consider your services.

4. Consumer and investor confidence

Especially useful for newer business models needing to make a mark in the industry or looking to garner investment. An award gives consumers a level of reassurance that they are making a sound purchasing decision, especially if the product or service is something they are not completely familiar with. Consumers rely on social proof and recommendations when making purchasing choices. People are more likely to trust the opinions and experiences of their peers, and an award-winning company has already received validation from industry experts. Trust then ensues and your brand enjoys positive word-of-mouth recommendations, further expanding the customer base. Increasing belief from investors happens for the same reasons – an award inspires confidence in the ability of the company to achieve.

5. Increased engagement and access to new markets

Awards can act as conversation starters, providing a compelling narrative for your marketing efforts. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand that has received accolades, sparking their curiosity and interest in learning more about your products or services. Utilise your awards in marketing campaigns, social media platforms and website to create engaging content that showcases your achievements. This active engagement enhances brand visibility and customer interest, ultimately leading to increased sales.

6. Premium price option

Having an award increases the perceived value of the service or product, affording the provider an opportunity to charge a premium price – ultimately increasing profitability.


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