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With the entry process well underway, marketing expert and awards judge Gail Walker from Red Cool Consulting offers sage advice around award recognition – and why the PAPAs can deliver invaluable marketing tools and profitability.

Catching the eye

If you like wine, but are not a connoisseur, like me you will have stood in a supermarket and wondered which to go for. Pinot Grigio? Soave? Frascati? Perhaps the one with the nice label? The bottle with the golden award sticker is surely a winning choice. 

In 2019, Campaign UK published an article which stated: “Those who win (the Product of the Year Award) have the right to use the Product of the Year logo – a recognisable stamp of approval and one that 86% of consumers say means they are more likely to buy a product. As such, the awards stand out to marketing professionals as an accolade which is particularly meaningful to their brands.”

Each winner at the PAPAs receives a trophy, certificate and that all-important winner’s logo to feature on product packs, shelf-talkers and other promotional material.

Sales boost

Receiving an award has been proven to significantly impact on sales. As a CEO or marketing head of a business, it is crucial to recognise the influence that awards can have on consumer behaviour. By leveraging awards, your company can gain a competitive edge, build credibility and inspire consumer trust. 

This recognition and positive association can greatly influence the consumer purchasing decision, ultimately leading to loyalty and growth. For example:

  • Pizza Express have won numerous PAPA awards over the years. The company has stated that this has helped increase sales by an average of 12% annually. 
  • Domino's Pizza claimed the PAPA Delivery Award in 2022, which has helped boost sales by 15%.

Respected recognition

The PAPAs are well-established as the leading accolade in the UK’s pizza, pasta and Italian food industry. While longevity certainly contributes to their status as a mark of excellence, the thorough judging process is also major factor behind the respect afforded the PAPAs within the industry.  

That’s why brands such as M&S, ALDI and Zizzi want their customers to know about their success. That’s why the PAPA Award Winner logo is found on products and marketing throughout the nation.

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