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Agrichef Maurizio Bocchi

Agrichef Maurizio Bocchi is inviting food enthusiasts to join him as he travels across Lancashire for a new video series, Agrichef on Wheels.

Sourcing the best-quality local produce has always been a priority at Bocchi’s restaurant, La Locanda. A chef passionate about authentic, handcrafted dishes, he has another love: Italian motorbikes. So, he’s combining the two.

Travelling on two wheels, cooking outside with local producers, Chef Bocchi will create traditional Italian recipes using foraged ingredients – on location to demonstrate what Lancashire has to offer, while respecting the traditions of Italian cuisine, culture and heritage.

The ingredient producers use only natural farming methods, free from chemicals and pesticides, with the highest standards of animal welfare. These bring flavour and character that wouldn’t be possible with intensively farmed or mass-produced fare.

Bocchi uses exceptional extra virgin olive oil [EVOO]. At La Locanda, it is supplied by acclaimed producers, the Gabrielloni family from Recanati, in the Marche region of Italy.

He said: “I am impassioned to develop understanding of the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet; its impact on healthier eating and introducing EVOO as a sixth element of the daily diet.”

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