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Cirio – producer of Italian tinned tomatoes – has created Passata from Tuscany, to deliver the heart of Italy to every meal.

Each mouthful comes from tomatoes grown in the fields around Albinia in Southern Tuscany, near the Tirreno sea.

The unique soil gives Toscana Passata a special, full-flavoured mineral and sweet taste, designed to transform Italian creations into something special, conjuring up the true flavours of Tuscany.

Enjoy the genuine Italian provenance in these newly launched 700g jars, now available in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for £1.75.

Cirio tomatoes come from an ethical sustainable Italian cooperative of 14,000 associated farming companies. The company cares about its lands, products, and all the people involved in creating the seeds they plant to the tables of everyone who enjoys their delicious tomatoes around the world.

Becoming climate neutral is part of a major ground-breaking sustainability project with a commitment pledge ‘Our hearts and souls are totally committed to SUSTAINABLE production of the HIGHEST QUALITY Italian tomatoes.

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