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The Burnt Chef Project has launched its annual social impact report for 2022, highlighting the level of support, training and guidance delivered by the not-for-profit organisation worldwide. Serving up the Tools offers a detailed insight into the mental health crisis across hospitality.

Its release highlights the vast numbers of people that The Burnt Chef Project has aided in the past year and life-saving work undertaken.

In 2022, The Burnt Chef Project significantly expanded its services and made an impact with a recent launch with Restaurants Canada in Toronto, as well as throughout the

UK – boasting a team of 136 ambassadors around the world. The organisation also welcomed a Senior Executive Team to further push the organisation forwards, relaunched its Level 4 Hospitality Workplace and Mental Health Apprenticeship, and created a partnership with the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app.

Founder, Kris Hall, said: “It’s been an incredible year for The Burnt Chef Project, with support provided to thousands of individuals. I’m really pleased to have influenced change - makers within the hospitality community who are supporting their peers and teams, while adjusting internal structures and cultures to ensure workplace environments are healthier.”

The launch of the social impact report details that The Burnt Chef Journal Podcast hit 76,000 downloads in 2022, reaching 100 countries. Hosting weekly discussions with industry experts from both inside and outside hospitality, this success means crucial topics are being heard by more people than ever, normalising the conversation and raising awareness of the work the project is doing.

A substantial 2,346 hours of in-person training were delivered throughout the year, made possible by the in-house team which grew to eight people – a service that was very well received, with testimonials stating: “We learnt about the need to engage, to empathise use of Wellness Action Plans, decreasing and identifying the signs and triggers of mental illness.”

The Burnt Chef Project has also launched its #notjustforchefs campaign to highlight the variety of roles that they have been supporting and training over the past few years. Services are bespoke to those in the hospitality industry, irrespective of their role.

To find out more about the 2022 report, visit www.theburntchefproject.com/about 

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