Inside This Issue

Welcome to the fourth issue of Pizza’zz in which we celebrate and showcase the recipes from the most creative chefs who competed in a series of competitions around the country, run by the Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA).

The competitions are aimed at recognizing the skills of those working within our industry and to encourage innovation, which is so important to keeping consumer interest in any market.

The recipes have been produced to give you ideas and inspiration to help you create innovative recipes of your own. Please feel free to use and adapt these for your own business. 

You may be encouraged to enter the Pizza Chef of the Year competition in the future. By entering, you will not only gain the opportunity for publicity for your business but will also be able to test your skills against the best pizza chefs in the UK. Regional competitions will be held in Bolton, Glasgow, the Midlands and London throughout October.

If you make it to the final, you will also receive two free tickets to attend the Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Industry Awards We hope you enjoy these recipes and will be inspired to enter the Pizza Chef competition.

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