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The PAPA Awards and finals of the Pizza and Pasta Chef of the Year competitions draw close – turn to page 20 to find out more.

In this issue, we report on the recent Nantwich Cheese Festival and a visit to one of Italy’s most well known flour mills – Grandi Molini in Venice. Multi-talented Sicilian chef, Enzo Oliveri, also offers an insight into his career.



  • Hot topics up for debate at the Restaurant Show 2019.
  • Vegan takeaway orders have more than quadrupled in last two years.
  • Domino’s Pizza Group plc announce interim results.
  • World pizza eating competition has a smashing time!
  • New test to combat bu alo mozzarella fraud uncovers mislabelled products.
  • PAPA Awards 2019.
  • Pizza Chef of the Year 2019.
  • Pasta Chef of the Year 2019.
  • PAPA Association update.
  • Tomatoes - we pay homage to this Italian essential.
  • Packaging profile - the importance of packaging.
  • Brexit: Serving up a hiring disaster?
  • Cheese in the spotlight - the Nantwich Cheese Festival.
  • Grandi Molini
  • Tasting Sicily - Enzo Oliveri.
  • Pizza My World - Eurilait’s Craig Brayshaw.
  • Index of PAPA registered suppliers

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