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This year’s PAPA Awards, as well as the Pizza Chef of the Year and Pasta Chef of the Year competitions will soon be upon us. This issue looks at two areas that savvy operators can no longer ignore – the requirement for ‘free from’ products that cater for varying dietary requirements, and the use of digital technology (not least, payment systems)

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  • Domino’s celebrates 1,000th UK store.
  • EPPS show prepares to put the spotlight on Italian food.
  • Acid attacks focus attention on delivery driver safety and bike theft.
  • Trade bodies welcome government plans to assess EU worker contributions.
  • PAPA Awards 2017.
  • Pizza Chef of the Year 2017.
  • Pasta Chef of the Year 2017.
  • Free from - catering for all.
  • Deli delights - promotion and education.
  • The digital drive - the need for speedy transactions.
  • PAPA joins Met Police for a campaign against moped theft.
  • Piemonte: A brave new wine world? - a region to watch, says Luisa Welch.
  • Contracts of employment - what’s required?
  • The ingredients for a clean Italian restaurant - some professional advice.
  • Digital hygiene managment - an automated solution.
  • Civerinos - an Edinburgh favourite opens a second outlet.
  • Pizza My World - Damon Wilson of Kimbo UK.
  • Wood-fired oven guru column - how to choose the right sized oven.
  • Index of PAPA registered suppliers.

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